The rules of the forum

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The rules of the forum

Post  650zed on Mon 9 Jun - 16:38


1 - This forum, based in the centre of the Netherlands, is dedicated to classic motorcycles and Café Racers. You may join the forum only if you own a classic motorcycle / cafe racer, or if you are in some way interested in classic motorcycles / cafe racers.

Modern bikes or café racers will not be accepted in this forum, in order to save its classic character. Moderators & administrators will therefore delete any post & topic concerning modern motorcycles and will advise those members to join other forums more dedicated to modern bikes. The judgement about “classic” or “modern” will be entirely left to the appreciation of the moderators & administrators. Once these members have been advised to join other forums, they will be deleted as users from the forum, in order to keep the forum orderly.

2 - The objective of the forum is to share a common passion: classic bikes.

3 - The forum is partly in English, to make it possible for every one to participate, from any country. Of course, you can decide to speak Dutch if you prefer.

4 - Keep a nice atmosphere in the forum. Be friendly to each other and respect each other’s opinions.

5 - No racist, discriminating or homophobic language or behaviour of any kind is tolerated here. In such a case, the person is immediately deleted from the forum and his IP is banned.

6 - No pornographic pictures and links are allowed in the forum.

7 - Do your best to keep this forum orderly: post the right topic in the right category, to make it clear for everyone.

8 - Respect our rules about hotlinking when you post your pictures (See the Announcements and informations forum: Image posting and Hotlinking).

9 - We don’t accept spams. If you want to sell parts & motorbikes and post links, you must be a member and have already posted at least 10 posts (messages). New "so-called members" who only register to place a link are immediately banned/deleted from the forum, without further notice.

10 - Check frequently the Announcements and informations forum, to keep informed about news and announcements.
Post your topics, exchange ideas and experiences, give good addresses & interesting links, help each other and have fun doing it!

11 - Links: The forum is in no way responsible for the links and websites presented by the members in their own posts and presented under the "Link Partners" page, for their contents, their products, their informations, eventual viruses, computer worms, etc. Your visit to those sites is entirely under your own responsibility.

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