Posting trouble

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Posting trouble

Post  wannabe caferacer on Sat 5 Dec - 16:53

Yesterday i made some postings on the forum but somehow they disappeared. Am i no longer allowed to post here?
edit: Ah it's working again. Maybe it was one of the allmighty mods playing with the wrong buttons.
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Re: Posting trouble

Post  650zed on Mon 7 Dec - 12:15

Strange... I haven't deleted any of your posts.
When I delete a post, it's just to move it under another (more adequate) section. And then, of course, I send a PM to the poster to inform him that I did so.
For the rest, I just delete spams, and of course I also send a PM to the spammer...

Maybe some accidental deleting by one of the mods?
Normally, the moderators also don't delete posts like this, unless in obvious case of spamming of course.
The idea, in case of problems, is always to inform the poster first.
Then to edit when necessary.
And then only to delete, but it's the last extreme option.

So I suppose it was some accident by a mod, or maybe even simply from yourself or your computer, or from the forum website.

Sorry for the trouble, anyway.

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