Mad Max Motorcycle gang...

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Mad Max Motorcycle gang...

Post  650zed on Fri 11 Dec - 17:53

I saw only one Honda (CB750)
All the rest is Z1/900 and z1000!

Horse Power to the people!

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Re: Mad Max Motorcycle gang...

Post  Toecutter on Fri 11 Dec - 22:44

Thats cuz the Cb750's were too expensive due to overpowering the Z900's and 1000's scratch ....yeh rite! haha

Thx Zed for posting this epic scene !!

I have lent my 3 movies of mad max to a friend , i hope he's dun with them very soon cause i really like them back on the rack. (got a nice collection of movies , about 260 original flicks , going from action to comedy and all whats in between.)

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