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I. What is a moderator?

1. The moderator is a member who makes sure that the forum stays friendly, clean and works well.

2. The moderator knows at least how to create/edit/reply/quote a post, how to post a link, an image or a video clip, etc. He is active in the forum.

3. Being a moderator is not a “full-time” job. You may of course check the forum everyday – that’s the best – but if you do it at least 3 or 4 times in the week, it’s already enough. You don't need to moderate the whole forum: you may choose one or several sections to moderate.

4. The moderator is not a “cop”. If he is too strict, he can ruin the atmosphere of the forum.

II. Role and action of the moderator

The moderator checks regularly the new posts in the forum. At least three or four times in the week. The objective is to make sure that the forum stays a nice and friendly place to be.

The moderator helps the other members when they have a problem: troubles posting an image, posting a video clip, a link, etc.
To do so, the moderator replies the post / sends a PM, explaining how things work or asking the member to check the adequate section under “Help for newcomers” (for example).
*** This happens sometimes, not too often.

The moderator makes sure that the atmosphere stays nice and friendly.
He moderates discussions when necessary, by replying the post (“Come on guys, let’s keep our temper, we’re cool”). No aggressive or discriminating language is accepted.
* Up to now, this has never happened. We’re all cool people!

The forum is divided in sections and categories, in order to make things easy to find, for everyone.
The moderator makes sure that the posts, images, links, etc. are posted in the correct sections. If not, he sends a PM to the member, asking him to place his post in the adequate section.
If it’s too late and several replies have already been posted, then the moderator (kindly) asks him to remember that the next time.

A spammer is:
- someone who appears out of nowhere, who has not introduced himself and who posts a link/many links to his website, his business, etc. in order to sell something, for example.
- Other spammers introduce themselves briefly and then start to post links. Our rule is: you must first post at least 5 posts, before you may place a link.
- Other people don’t post a link to a site or business but want to sell or to buy parts. We are not “e-bay”… The rule is: introduce yourself properly, first.

When there is a spam, the moderator reacts:
a - first by posting an answer / sending a PM to the spammer: “Please introduce yourself first and read our Rules of the Game. You may not post a link before you have posted at least 5 posts in the forum.” ;
b - then – if there is no reaction / introduction – by editing the post of the spammer and deleting the link and info.
C – if the problem keeps occurring, the moderator tells the Administrator (that’s me) who will ban/delete the spammer.
*****Spamming is a frequent nuisance in the forum. This point is essential.

No pornography is allowed. If we would tolerate this, the forum would become some kind of porn board full of links, images, clips, etc. within a couple of months, attracting all kinds of spammers and disturbing people.
When a porn image or video clip is posted, the moderator asks immediately the member responsible for it to remove it.
If nothing happens, the moderator edits the post himself and deletes this image/video clip.

You will have access to all posts, as you must be able to edit or delete any inadequate text or image.
Still, don’t use this possibility too quickly: editing or deleting a post is a chocking action for the member who posted it. Keep in mind that the responsible person maybe simply didn’t pay attention, or did it by accident, or maybe didn’t mean what he said because of a language problem, etc.
Always remember that your role is essential and that a too strict moderator can ruin the atmosphere of a forum.


If you want to become a moderator, send me a PM.
You can choose one or more sections to moderate. Just tell me which one(s).

Horse Power to the people!

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