Probs with surround sound using winamp (reinstall Vista)

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Probs with surround sound using winamp (reinstall Vista)

Post  Toecutter on Sat 19 Jun - 22:20

For those (like me)whom experienced probs using the new winamp after a clean install of vista (7 or xp doesnt matter)

After the install i wanted to play again my music in surround using winamp with a 5.1 surround system , normally one has to install plugins for emulating surround cause mp3's dont support real 3d sound. Now before messing with various plugins and other stuff, just check your sound manager (software included with the onboard sound or your hardware soundcard) and check these options first. Most of the time you can access multiple options to tune these surround settings without messing with plugins etc..

Just thought i mentioned it here cause it gave me a headache.

now im rockin again !

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