RevZuR R90SS

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RevZuR R90SS

Post  caffbeemer on Wed 3 Nov - 17:03

Daag beste motor frienden... (that much to my capability writing in Dutch)
Hello All
Tach zusammen,

Below a picture of my fav boik....

/7 ex Police frame, R100 rear swing arm, /6 final shaft housing with 11/32 ratio. Rear shocks are Wilbers 630 Competiton, Showa 41mm front fork with linear springs and race tech damper valve, K 75 and self made braces. Wheels 2.50 x 18 with Motad and Akront rims, R100R hubs with spoke and titan spacers to allow touchless centre assembly of spokes in rim. Brakes front F&F ceramíc / titan coated 320mm with 4 piston brembo callipers and aero quip hoses. Engine 980 cc, 324 cam, 7mm shaft valves 44 I and 40 O, Mahle forged pistons with three rings, Nikasil barrels, Heads, ports, etc. done on flow bench. Exhaust 38mm with 2 interferencial pipes and 2 megaphone mufflers. Light valve train with optimised rockers, push rods, push cups, valve timing screws, sping plates, etc. Ignition Digital Silent Hektik double, Carbs 38 Dellorto with Accelarator pumps, Air Filter K&N round, external engine breather. Crankshaft, rods, and cluch dynamically blanced. 5-speed gear box with closed bearings. Electric wiring self made, Knoscher seat and foot rests, Showa steering damper, Motoscope Classic Speed / Revmeter, Tank S style stock with Bell Helicopter filler cap, LSL sport match clip on´s, Magura clutch lever, 900sie Brake lever and brake fluid beverage, BT 45 100/90 x 18 and 130/80 x 18. Head light LSL, tail light some Italian make, indicators by Hella. Ride weight is 192 kg. Compression ratio 11.7, Kick start only.

It goes really fine. Engine and Gear box just completely overhauled at my friends garage, BCD Motorradtechnik in Kempen, Germany. Still running it in. The bike is adequately noisy, not a super comfortable ride, with not much of today´s ever popular extras. OK, it got indicators, a steering lock, a left mirror and a head light. And a wrist.


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