Hi from New Zealand

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Hi from New Zealand

Post  matdaymon on Sat 19 Mar - 7:33

Hi all,
My name is Mathieu, 22years old and I am reasonably new to motorcycling. I have been riding my own bike since October 2009 and I currently only own one motorcycle, that being a 2005 Hyosung GT250 which is the biggest motorcycle I am allowed to ride in New Zealand on my current licence. (250cc is as big as we can ride on our learners/restricted licences and this bike has the biggest frame out of the 250cc bikes available here)

In a little over 1 years time I can graduate to a full motorcycle licence and get any bike I wish so I thought seeing I love the look of classic bikes and cafe racers it would be a great way to learn more about bikes and maintaining them by building my own cafe racer out of a poor older bike in need of a good home and some love as well as passing the time until I can ride a bigger bike productively.

I found this site through our NZ motorcycling forum with a picture of an incredible green Yamaha XV750 (I think) which was converted into a cafe racer and I fell in love. I haven't decided what I would like to start off with as a base bike and am waiting for my parents to finish building the family home with it's 3 garages before I start seriously looking at bikes.

I hope to learn much here and gain lots of knowledge and inspiration from everyone who has created their own work of art.

Cheers and Beers



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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Post  andreas on Sat 19 Mar - 11:04

Hi Mat,
wellcome here - and we all start with a small bike ! So you have the chance to look what`s your favourite for the future.
Take a look arround and get some inspiration.


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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Post  650zed on Mon 21 Mar - 14:14

Welcome to the forum!

Horse Power to the people!

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Re: Hi from New Zealand

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