Simple and Clean CB175

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Simple and Clean CB175

Post  jaguar on Tue 14 Jun - 6:19

I traded someone two airguns that I was not using for this 1972 CB175
I just couldn't resist....even though the last thing that I needed was another project bike to fill the shop...
Bike came with a ton of parts and had a clear title so I really couldnt loose.

Goal for the bike is to build a simple and clean cafe to ride around town and just basically have fun with.
I am interested in improving the bike overall, but not interested in doing "style" mods for the sake of style, if you know what I mean.

I started this bike while away at school so work was slow and I needed to maximize the value of my money.
I want to have this bike running and riding at some point over this summer.

Here she is the day I got her.
She didnt run. I thought that I might get lucky but I didnt.....low ish compression in one cylinder. Thats OK

Polished the fork lowers and rebuilt the forks with OEM seals
Im thinking about doing a 35mm Swap after the summer with a 450 drum or maybe a disc set up?
Ill be collecting parts over the summer.

Soda blasted the carbs. They really cleaned up well. The pic shows some dirt but I cant see it when im holding the carbs sooo...

Figured some polished bling would be nice

New tubes and tires

Plan is to also run rearsets mounted to the passenger pegs

I have these NOS Mullholland shocks but the springs might be alittle much for this bike.

Thought this might be funny

How she sits now.

The brakes were taken apart, cleaned, polished and lubed.
New EBC shoes were installed.

Since I need to rebuild at least the top end of the motor im starting to think of some mild mods that might give the bike alittle pep. Any ideas? was thinking a 1mm bore, light polish in the head and maybe SL350 carbs down the line? I like the idea of OEM+ parts to make a bike better.

Thinking about running the stock seat pan with one of those "made in vietnam" seat covers
Also going to fill in the un needed holes and such in the frame. Im going to have and open "triangle" on this bike.

I could use some help with a few things
-I cant seem to find a factory manual for this bike. Ive found the CB200 manual and the "sloper" 175 but nothing for the "vert" 175
-Cables. Where do you guys get new cables? Cant find them anywhere

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