How to post an image

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How to post an image

Post  650zed on Wed 9 Jul - 11:09

How to post a picture - for people who've never done it before
Step by step procedure

How to post a picture

When you want to post a picture, you need to have it on the Internet.
You cannot post it directly from your computer.
So first, you have to place it from your computer to a (free) image hosting site.
It may sound complicated
but you'll see it's actually very easy.

Put your images on an image hosting website

There are many image hosting websites.
For example: , (part of Yahoo),
etc. You can use of those three, or go to Google and type "image hosting" (for example).
You will find a lot of sites where you can host lots of images for free.

Choose one of those sites to host your pictures. It doesn't really matter which one, they are all a bit the same anyway.

To create a space for your images on those sites, you simply need to create an account (or "join in", whatever they call it)
in the hosting site of your choice.
For this, you choose a user name and a password. They ask your e-mail too, most of the time.

Then you log in, using your name and password.
You see some button, some link, some option (whatever) asking you to upload one or several pictures.
Click on it: you open a window, allowing you to browse in your computer.
Take the picture(s) from your computer and upload them with one click.
That's it!

Your picture is now on-line, hosted by the image hosting website.
You're cool, so far.

Post your picture in your message in the forum

Now you want to post the image of your bike in our forum.

Go to your image hosting website, and go to the picture you have just uploaded there.
It is somewhere there, look well. Sometimes they call it "Your album", sometimes "Your photos", whatever.

When you have found your picture, you need to copy its address. Every picture on Internet has an address.
Yours will be for example:
They call it the "URL address".

This is exactly this URL address that you need to paste (or type) in your message in our forum.
I told you, it's very easy.

To find this url address of your image, place your mouse on the picture (in the image hosting site) and right-click.
Select "Copy address of the image", "Copier l'adresse de l'image", "Afbeeldingslocatie kopieeren" etc.

You have just copied the url address of the image.
Now you have to paste it in the body of your message, in the forum.

In the forum, create your new topic or answer the existing topic.

When you are in your message:
On the top of your message, there is a series of icons, starting on the left with (b), (i), (U), (S), etc.
Click on the 16th icon, starting from the left (when you place your mouse on this icon, a little text appears: "Image'').

When you click on this icon, you open a little window.
This little window is asking you the url address of the image.

Paste (or type) the url address of your picture in that little window, and then close it using the button [OK].
That's it!

(You will notice that your picture appears in the body of your message like this:
[img ][ /img])

Check now your message

Click on the button [Preview] under your message:
you can see if the photo is added and if your message is as you want it to be.
If it's all right, click on the button [Send].

Congratulations, you've done it!

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