Spammers and new "so-called" members

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Spammers and new "so-called" members

Post  650zed on Wed 9 Jul - 11:48


As our forum grows, we start to see "spammers" showing up, "so-called members" who only register to post a link to their shop or website, trying to use us as a advertising place... Mad

And we definately don't want that

Of course, we keep an eye on spammers, thanx to our Moderator and also to spontaneous initiatives from members, but moderator(s) and administrator(s) cannot control everything all the time...

All the ("real") members - you all - can help keep our forum clean! So when you see some spammer posting his advert or link, or trying to sell something without even having the decency to introduce him/herself, don't hesitate to post him an answer and/or to notice this to the moderator(s)/administrator.

If we want this forum to stay a cool place to be, it's up to all of us!

Horse Power to the people!

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