Image posting and Hotlinking

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Image posting and Hotlinking

Post  650zed on Wed 9 Jul - 11:49


When you post a picture, please keep in mind that you may not copy the address directly from someone else’s website, because it uses the person’s bandwidth. It's called "hotlinking": it's illegal and anyway not very nice to the webmasters of the other websites from which you take the picture and use the bandwidth.

"Hot-linking is a term used on the Internet. Hot-linking is when someone uses a link to an image that is saved on another website instead of saving a copy of the image on the website that the picture will be shown on. For example, instead of saving picture.gif and loading it on to their own website, the person uses a link to the picture as Hot-linking uses the bandwidth of the person who owns the website where the picture is stored. This costs that person money."

For us, the solution is very easy (and free):
The pictures you want to post here must be hosted by your own website (if you have one) or by the image hosting site of your choice.
Go to, or to or to any other hosting site you like: just look for “image hosting” on Internet.
You can open a free account in 2 minutes, with only an e-mail address and a password of your choice.
Then you can upload all the pictures you want in the hosting site and post them in this forum.


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