New in the forum ? This is what you should do!

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New in the forum ? This is what you should do!

Post  650zed on Wed 9 Jul - 12:29

New in the forum ? Welcome !

First of all:
Read the general rules of our forum (“The rules of the game”).
It’s not long, it’s – hopefully - quite clear and it’s important!

Get started!
You want to start posting images and messages. This is what you should do:

1 - Tell us who you are!
It’s always very strange for us to see some message appearing out of nowhere, from an unknown new member, in the middle of a forum… Most of the time, this happens because the newcomer doesn’t know exactly where to start.
The solution: introduce yourself first! Go to “New member, start here!” and open a new topic to tell us who you are, what you do, where you’re from and what you ride (for example).

2- Show us your bike!
Afterwards, you can show us some pictures of your bike(s), because it’s what we like the most here! Go to “Show us your project!” and open a new topic to post pictures of your bike(s).

3 – And then…
Read the forums and topics, get used to them, it’s all going to be clear very soon and you will know very quickly what to post and where to post it !

Have fun and welcome again!

Horse Power to the people!

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