GS550 project (& GSX750F)

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GS550 project (& GSX750F)

Post  jetset on Thu 10 Nov - 2:36

OK, now the reason for joining,
I picked up a cheap 1978 GS550 and thought...............there seems to be a lot of interest in cafe racers, with some people asking silly money for their not very good creations. I wonder what I could do?

The donor bike, it was running (but rough) and had the frame and wheels powder coated, new tyres and a loud custom exhaust. Ideal for what I had in mind.

Engine casings are far too dull, if it is to look like an old British bike then they must be polished.

As must the forks, paint removed ready for mopping.

Hanging from the roof is the best way to remove everything.

Paint removed for repainting after damage from brake fluid. Then I thought, polish it!!
Back from making coffee, time to continue.

Black wheels with red discs??

Faces polished.

Going for something like this (note polished engine casings and repainted engine)

Frame shortened to support new seat, any excess frame parts removed (rear pegs etc).

Stock instruments (brown in a plastic casing! very 1980)

More vinyl cutting (note my signature, just in case I become famous, this will be collectable)

Instruments fitted, along with light panel. (Note, dials are wrapped in aluminium, then polished)
It's finished!!

Hope you like it, it certainly gets you noticed.

Another shameless copy, this time of the Norton badge.

Oh, very retro! it's actually very comfortable to ride.

The other side, and yes, I did sew the seat myself (thanks Mum for the use of your machine).

It's not subtle, with it's loud exhaust and lots of shiny bits!!

Is there a market for doing this for people? I am not sure.
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Over to you.

I have recently been spending time doing up cars and bikes (bikes are my passion), after the sale of my company. I am too young to retire and so I thought it might bring in some cash if I rescued older bikes and did them up for resale.

Although this pic is not a cafe racer, it was the last one I did (bear with me, it will make sense).

GSX750F as I picked it up (been in someones garden for 10 years!)

After a total rebuild, paint, and new vinyls, this was the result -

Vinyls made with my vinyl cutter (shameless adaptation of a 2008 GSXR livery!)

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Re: GS550 project (& GSX750F)

Post  TinTin on Thu 10 Nov - 11:08

nice work!
and boredom... just stuff your garage with more bikes like most of us
sure there will be a buyer when you put it up for sale locally

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