Why Hello...Just droping in from KCMO

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Why Hello...Just droping in from KCMO

Post  conday24 on Tue 24 Jan - 22:20

Whats is up everybody!
I'm PK.. and I hall form Kansas City Missouri, witch is right smack dab in the middle of the US. please excuse my poor grammar and spelling, I'm not much with words. But to get in to it.. my first cafe and or bike project! I'm a amateur drifter and a NISSAN nut!... I know what your probably thinking,but iv been in the drifting scene since I could drive. I love the sport and have and i have two beautiful machine because of it...

but any who. 1975 CB360T!
I noticed that there wasn't too many build threads on the WorldWideWeb for the 360T... so I thought I would throw my pictures up.. I have a lot to learn so fell free to leave some constructive criticism on my build

here in the next week ill start putting together my build page but until then thins is about were im at


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Re: Why Hello...Just droping in from KCMO

Post  toy4xchris on Wed 25 Jan - 1:06

Looks pretty good so far looking forward to seeing how she comes out.


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