Yamaha XJ 650

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Yamaha XJ 650

Post  volcom_69 on Sat 21 Apr - 0:18

Hello guys,

I'm the proud owner of this bike, for about a month now.
When I bought it, it wasn't looking very well. The paint was in bad shape, stickers were peeling of, a lot of corrosion, ...
Also I took the risk of buying a bike without knowing the engine ran. It hasn't run for the last two years.

Due to the poor state of the bike, I didn't take any pictures, because it made me wanna start the rebuild immediately.
This example picture is what it looked like:

Some pics of the rebuild:


Engine removed:

Sanding and Painted frame:

Temporarely Result:

I actually painted it to prevent new corrosion. I rebuilded it, temporarely, to check if the engine would run after I
did some minor maintenance.

It runs like a dream, but I'll open the engine anyway, just to have a look about the wear of different parts so I can
schedule the next maintenance.

Future plans:
Since I'm in training to become an aeronautical engineer, I'm planning to use specific techniques (like riveted aluminum
constructions, ...) to improve the reliability, lower the weight and increase the performance of the bike.

I'm stil in the designing phase of the build, but with this bike, I don't want to just buy a part and install it. I want to make
parts from scratch.

I'll keep you posted on updates.

If you have questions, remarks or tips, be my guest.


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Re: Yamaha XJ 650

Post  Toecutter on Sun 22 Apr - 19:16

Great work man, its in good hands i can tell cheers

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