Hello from a CR newbee from The Netherlands

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Hello from a CR newbee from The Netherlands

Post  AceVenturi on Wed 5 Sep - 13:34


I'm new to this forum so I should introduce myself.
I'm Michiel, 33 years old and I'm from the north of The Netherlands. A couple of years ago I bought my first bike, a '89 Yamaha FZX wich I restored a bit and renewed with the front end, calipers and wheels of a FZR1000 and the back end of a xjr1200. Painted it and made it a bit more modern, the handling and braking improved a lot. It is finished over a year now and it is the bike I'm riding at the moment.

I became a bit bored and decided to start an new project, not to turn it into a modern type of bike but to make (keep) it classic. So, over a month ago I bought a '78 Suzuki GS550. In the winter I'll start with this motor to turn it into a café racer. The only thing I've done to it now is the removing of the seat, the tank and the carbs (that was a hell of a job, not much room to work). First I want to clean the carbs, syncronise them and adjust the valves. I want to have a nice running bike before I put on pods, a 4 into 2 with megatons and all the other stuf I have in store for it.

Because I'm new to this bike and a lot of this forum members have some sort of GS I think I'll have some questions about it sooner or later. Especially the pods and the adjusting of the carbs onto these and the new 4 into 2 headers with megatons could provide for some headache and some tips and hints could make the work a bit lighter.
Also, I don't know yet if I'm going to make myself a seat or trying to buy a ready made one. Since it going to have to be a low-budget bike tips are welcome!


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