1981 SR500

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1981 SR500

Post  dwyj on Tue 16 Oct - 22:55

Hello everyone,
I've got my SR sorted but have some bars & Napoleon Mirrors I want to drop on, It would make it a Factory Looking cafe since those are the only things I'm changing at the moment so it's a mini-project which I will tackle very soon, I need the hardware for the mirrors yet, anyhow I was on craiglist looking at bikes like i do everyday and spotted this SR, the ad said she could not handle this big of bike and my mind wondered how big is she? she said she wanted $1300 or trade for a running like-valued bike but smaller and I happened to have a 1969 CL90 I had at about 85% restored, it hadn't been registered yet because I needed to finish it before taking down to the DMV and I had maybe $350 in it thus far, I decided to send her a picture and asked about the trade, mine ran hers "ran before" but I liked it and didn't care so I loaded the CL90 into the back of the truck and headed to Frisco to check out the SR, I pulled mine off the truck and started it & said do you want to try it? she came back like 20 minutes later ear to ear grin and said "lets trade straight across" I said let me see your bike and we can discuss, hers had an almost dead battery but popped every time I kicked it through so I knew it should run, she said it had the "front end" done and she handed me all the paperwork, well it didn't have the front end done at all but a complete rebuild of the engine with a 2nd over piston, she said "are you game for a staright across trade?" I said are you sure & she just grinned and said she loved the bike so lets do it, hers was registered also so i had almost a year before it expired, My Brother who lies in that town still see's her ride it everyday to SF State College so everyone came away happy! Thanks for Reading, this is just afetr I unloaded it! and here is what I traded it for

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