International, remember?

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International, remember?

Post  650zed on Fri 29 Aug - 16:46

« International », remember ?

As you all know, the objective of this forum is to be an international platform where people from all parts of the world can meet, exchange information and have fun.

Therefore, in order to make it possible for everyone to understand what happens here, we expect our members to write in English as often as possible.

Of course, you don’t have to write in English. You are free to speak Dutch if you prefer, as the forum is based in Holland and as a lot of members are Dutch. And naturally, if you're looking for specific information about a Dutch product to be found in some Dutch shop – for example – there’s very little point talking in English…

But the forum is more and more achieving its goal: it’s becoming now really international! We have now members from Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Austria, Italy, America, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, etc.
It would be cool for them to be able to participate to all forums and to use all the information we post here... Think - just for one minute - about the pain you can feel when you find exactly the pictures and technical information you're looking for since months, but this info is in some unknown language…
And, of course, remember that this exchange works in both directions: you too can benefit from info and experiences from all over the world!

So, even if your English is as poor as mine , never mind: just do it, try, do your best!

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