Tutorials - Think about it.

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Tutorials - Think about it.

Post  650zed on Wed 18 Feb - 12:31


As you all already know, we have a tutorial-section in the forum (under "Technics, bikes and parts", tutorials).

The idea behind this section is to help other members by sharing your own technical experiences with texts and photos, in the form of short and easy-to-understand tutorials: « how to change this », « How to replace that » etc.

This kind of tutorial doesn’t need to be extremely complicated: even the easiest things can help. Some of us now, and also new members in the future, may not have the technical skills and knowledge that some others have. Anything can help!

Of course, there is no need to explain how to change a tire… But, if you made – for example – your own cafe-seat out of polyester, or if you plan to adjust the ignition of your bike, why don’t you take 15 minutes more and explain it all, step by step, creating a nice post?

Even the simplest things can help. I remember I read once in the forum some questions about the way to reload a battery. It’s of course the easiest thing in the world for some of us (even for me, that says it all ... Maybe I will make a tutorial on that one!), but how about the fresh new biker who doesn’t know how to do that and who wants to learn it...? After all, we all had to learn something, one day. There's nothing to be ashamed of. So, why not posting a cool tutorial about it? It’s fun to make and you can help your fellow racer.

There’s always someone better than us, it doesn’t mater. What matters, is that there will also be someone, one day, who will be very happy to find your tutorial!

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